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Catalytic Converter

Got Bad Catalytic Converter?

All cars have catalytic converters and they are available in two different types: a two way and a three way converter. A catalytic converter works by converting toxic byproducts into less toxic substances and the exact reactions that take place will vary depending on the type of catalyst that is being used. When a catalytic converter breaks down or becomes old and worn out, it usually means that it has been clogged up with burnt carbon which will then basically cause a blockage in the exhaust.

A bad catalytic converter will cause a car to stall and run erratically and the exhaust component on your car will also be prone to overheating. Catalytic converter repair services are important to make use of if your car has been fitted with a faulty or old catalytic converter that needs to be repaired or replaced to ensure that your car runs efficiently. Alternatively, you can find cheap used catalytic converters for sale via the Spy Engine website where affordable used auto parts are our niche.

Catalytic Converter Problems

Catalytic converter problems are common in older cars as the converter gets worn out and needs to be repaired or replaced. Most modern cars are now fitted with what is commonly called a three way converter that works by converting the three primary pollutants that are given off by vehicle exhausts, namely:

  1. Carbon monoxide
  2. Oxides of nitrogen
  3. Unburned hydrocarbon

Problems with catalytic converters can occur when a car is using an old converter that is likely to be prone to getting clogged up with burnt carbon. When a converter fails to work efficiently, it will affect everything from the power of your vehicle to the mileage and a loud rattling noise can often be the tell-tale sign of a problematic converter. It is also likely that your car will fail its emissions test. A faulty or worn out converter will not be able to effectively turn the poisonous byproducts into less poisonous byproducts and as a result, problems will flash up with a simple emissions test.

Toyota Catalytic Converter

Toyota catalytic converters can be found on Spy Engine at affordable low prices. You can quickly restore your engine’s output and increase its performance by replacing a faulty converter and many Toyota owners will choose to use a converter that has NANO technology that yields extremely efficient loadings that will lower the cost and improve the efficiency of the converter.

If you are looking for used catalytic converters via the Spy Engine website, then you should check out the selection of state of the art converters on offer that will provide you with maximum engine output and catalytic efficiency. Buying parts online is easier than ever before and if you are a Toyota owner and you have a problem with your converter, then it’s well worth checking out the possibility of finding a catalytic converter repair service before replacing the old one.

Catalytic Converter Prices

The prices of catalytic converters vary depending on what type of converter you invest in and what vehicle you own. Used auto parts on the Spy Engine are affordably low and we do all the hard work to find the best quality used car parts at the lowest prices, so you don’t have to.

Check out some of the features you might want to look out for when investing in a catalytic converter:

  • A warranty
  • An entire range of outlet and inlet diameters
  • Built to OE dimensions including the flex assemblies and flanges

You can buy two way or three way converters and it is worth noting that two way converters are usually fitted to diesel vehicles, while three way converters are primarily used on gasoline engines. At Auto Car Parts Spy Engine, we have a wide selection of great deals on all types of catalytic converters whether you own an old Toyota that runs on diesel or a brand new Chevrolet that runs on gasoline.

We can help you to find the lowest prices on the best used auto parts available as sourcing low prices on catalytic converters is our specialty!

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